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LoZ: Link the Chirri Chaser

2013-11-19 11:05:16 by MasterDunx

Hey Guys and Guyesses!

Just a quick post to promote my new animation: LoZ: Link the Chirri Chaser!

Like any humble animator, I'm always getting ideas for anims. This one struck as I was coming to the end of playing Skyward Sword. As I was pondering upon the success of my last animation, 2 Friends Play Minecraft, I was thinking "What was it that made that animation a success?". The comments pretty much explained to me that people got awfully attached to the sheep Betsy, and that they felt sorry for it when the unexpected happened.
For my latest, I've tried the same formula again but with different parts to it. Although maybe not as long, with generally a different vibe of humor, I think it can appeal to the same demographic.

Of course as an animator, I'm always looking to improve technique and I think that definitely shows in this anim. I would love any comments and advice you might have, and in turn would love to give tips and tricks to aspiring young animators!

You can see the animation by the following link!:

Thanks for reading, and there'll certainly be more to come!

LoZ: Link the Chirri Chaser